Fees and Commissions

Fees can be added to the ticket price. They can be set as inside, outside or as a subsidy and they can be applied on all events, specific ticket types or on organisations. Fees can be set as visible online and in Box Office and there are many other possibilities. 


Add new fees


Add new fees in Administration - Tickets - Fees and commissions and click Add Fee in the right top corner.



  • Internal name: name for internal use only
  • Name: External name of this fee, visible in BoxOffice when creating an event or an order and in the online flow.
  • Type: Define what type of cost the new fee will be, inside, outside or a subsidy.
    • Inside: When using ‘Inside’ it will only show in report. The ticketprice is not adjusted.
    • Outside: An outside fee changes the ticketprice. It is added on top of the set price.
    • Subsidy: A part of the price is funded by a third party. The ticketprice goes down by this funding so a customer pays less. The promoter/theater don’t pay for this discount, it is paid by the third party.
  • Organisation: The owner of the fee.
  • Applies to: Choose to which tickets this new fee applies to.
    • Organisation: All tickets within chosen organisation.
    • Ticket types: Only on chosen ticket types. A field appears to choose the ticket type(s)
    • Events: All tickets in an event. Fee needs to be added manually in event.
  • Position: Defines the order in which the costs are shown and will be used in the settlement.



  • Value or percent: Choose for the fee to be a flat value or a percentage.
  • Vat: Set the Vat percentage on the fee.
  • Add step: Using an extra step allows you to add different values depending on the different ticketprices. E.g. tickets in the price range 0 - 20 have a fee of 2, in the price range 21-30 tickets have a fee of 3.
  • Amount: Add value.


  • Exclude free tickets: When set to YES free tickets will not have a fee.
  • Exclude in POS api: When set to YES tickets sold via POS api will not have a fee.
  • Include in refunds: When set to YES: If fees are shown separately and a refund is started, the fee will be automatically refundend.
  • Taken from promotor value: When set to YES the fees will be deducted in the settlement in the Promotor Dashboard.
  • Show online as separate item: Define whether a fee shows as a separate item in the online buying flow or not.
  • Show in BoxOffice as separate item:  Define whether a fee shows as a separate item in Box Office or not.
  • Show in POS api as separate item: Define whether a fee shows as a separate item in the POS api or not.
  • Report groups: Add fee to a specific report group. In some reports these groups can be chosen.



When the fee is shared with other organisations than chosen in the settings, add these organisations here.




Fees that are already included in the prices of existing events will not automatically be adjusted when the fee settings are adjusted.


We advice to set Include in refunds to YES. This way, Box Office will get a notification when deleting a ticket and not the fee. In the notification it is possible to choose to ignore or include the fee in the refund.


Override the default price manually per fee per event is possible.