FAQ Reports

Is it possible to pull a report which shows how many of our clients have paid with a specific payment type?

Payment types only appears in the Customer Sales Report and the Cashier Report. The reports can be downloaded and filtered in a spreadsheet.


Is there way to pull a report to show the revenue of special offers?

The Event Overview Report has the option to show ticket types.

  1. Choose production
  2. Choose tickettype


Is there a report that shows which tickets are scanned or not?

The Customer Sales Report can be used for this: Reports - Customers - Sales. The export of this report contains de columns Scanned / Date scan / Scanned by.


Is there a way to show in 1 report the production and how much is sold as a regular ticket and in subscription? Is this also possible per season?

The Event Overview Report contains this information.



  1. Select production
  2. Choose tickettype


Per season

  1. Choose begin- and enddate of the complete season
  2. Choose all productions of that season.


I want a report that shows all valid memberships, is that possible?

The report in Reports - Memberships contains this information. Mind that this report works a little different from all other reports in Tixly. The filter on date checks the expiry date of the membership.


Choose a date in the future (depending on how long memberships are valid you can choose the right date).


Eg. for a membership which is valid for a year, you choose the date of tomorrow and for the end date you choose a year ahead. So day of tomorrow is 29 july 2022 up to 29 july 2023.


Can I pull a report from all buyers of events in the past?

The Customer Sales Report contains this information, see Reports - Customers - Sales.

  1. Choose a date in the past
  2. Choose the event(s)


I want to see who bought tickets with a specific tickettype and how much they bought. Where do I find this in Tixly?

The Customer Sales Report contains this information, see Reports - Customers - Sales.


Can I pull a report with all future events and tickettypes with price, date title and hall?

The Promotor Dashboard or Administration - Events - data can be used for this. There is no report that contains tickettypes and prices per event.


How can I pull a report for the first quarter of this year that shows all events of that period with revenue, with and without taxes.

Use Reports - Daily Sales to extract this information.

  1. Choose the period
  2. Choose reporttype Per date events (events)


This report can be downloaded.