Delivery types

A Delivery Method is the way a ticket is delivered to the customer. There are multiple delivery methods which can be connected on different levels. 

Add a Delivery Type

To add a new delivery type you go to Administration - Workgroup setting - Delivery Types and click Add Delivery Type in the right corner. 


  • Name: Name of the delivery type, this is used in the online flow. 
  • Description: Description of the delivery type, this is used in the online flow. 
  • Receipt description: Description which is shown in the customer receipt. 
  • Price: Option to fill in an amount which a customer pays for this delivery type. 
  • Delivery Method: You can choose between different types of Delivery methods, which are described below.

Available Delivery Methods

Tixly has different delivery methods which have different functionalities: 


Gives the customer the option to download their ticket as a pdf at the online receipt page. 


The tickets of the order are printed and send by post to the customer. By setting Downloadable to YES

 the customer also get the possibility to download the tickets as a pdf in their online receipt.

All orders with type Delivery show in the Bulk print module. 

Pick up

Gives customers the possibility to pick up their ticket at the box office.


The option to download tickets in the online receipt as a pdf or a mobile ticket in Apple Wallet or a similar Android app. 


When you choose this delivery method, tickets can't be downloaded from the online receipt immediately. You can set how many minutes before the event starts, tickets can be downloaded by the customer in their online receipt. You can set this at Available minutes before event. 

The customer gets a message in their online receipt page when the tickets will be available.


The QR-code will refresh every 15 seconds which results in a different barcode on the ticket every 15 seconds. 


Is used for items without tickets or vouchers, eg. memberships or donations. You can't edit this delivery method.  You are not allowed to remove it from the list.