Date and time format

The date and/or time can be displayed in different ways in emails and on e-tickets. With variables such as #STARTDATE()# or #EXPIRES()# it is possible to determine the formatting between the brackets:

  • Weekday
    • ddd - name of weekday abbreviated
    • dddd - name of weekday written in full
  • Date
    • d - single digit (1)
    • dd - double digit (01)
  • Month
    • MM - two-digit month
    • MMM - abbreviation of the month name
    • MMMM - month name written in full
  • Year
    • yy - last two digits of the year
    • yyyy - year written in full
  • Time
    • HH - hours
    • mm - minutes

It is also possible to insert text between the brackets, then use a backslash \ for letters that are also used as variables. For example:


Complete examples

  • Date in short American format:
  • Date in long American format:
    #STARTDATE(dddd MMMM d, yyyy)#

Insert link

To insert a clickable link, enter the following code:

<a style="text-decoration:none; color: #000000;" href="URL to link to">Clickable text in the email</a>

Insert image

To insert an image first upload the image to the skin via Administration - Integrations - Skin, then enter the following code:

<td align="center" >
<img src="Link to image - hosted on the skin" width="200" height="133" border="0">

Play around with the width and height to give the image the right size. 

Useful tags

Some useful tags to format the text in emails:

  • <strong>Bold</strong>
  • <em>Italics</em>
  • <br> inserts a line break between sentences, and does not need a close tag


Never forget to close tags.