Bulk print

It's possible to bulk print or (re)print selected tickets. To access this module click on the printer icon in the Sales Dashboard. Go to 'View all unprinted tickets'.


You can filter different options:


  • Event filter: It's possible to filter per promoter, season, event group and event.  
  • Order dates: Define the order dates of which you would like to print the tickets. Orders which are not in the selected dates will not be displayed.
  • Organisations: It's possible to print per organisation.
  • Group by order: If Yes, the complete order is printed with one receipt per order. If NO, a receipt is printed per event in the order. 
  • Sold in subscription: It's possible to only select tickets which are part of a subscription.
  • Already printed: Possibility to reprint tickets. 
  • Delivery types: If different delivery types are available you can select the delivery type of the tickets that need to be printed. 
  • Include all tickets in order: When a specific event is selected this option makes it possible to still print all tickets in an order.

Go to Print options, you can include or exclude product vouchers and set if a receipt needs to be printed for the complete order. mceclip3.png

Click Run report.


Click the green printer icon to print the complete order.