My Godex printer does not print at all!


When trying to print through Tixly, it is some factors that might lead to the printer not responding. This is a checklist for where the problem might be:


1. No Tixly Device Manager running

When printing from Tixly, you need to have your Tixly Device Manager running. If you don't have it, you can download it here.


2. No printer chosen in Tixly Device Manager

Check that Tixly Device Manager is connected to the right printer. 
If the printer is connected to your USB-port, check that it is connected first.
In Device Manager, you see a green checkbox to the right of the printer that is connected. If this has a red mark, you probably have to change the installed printer in this dropdown menu.


3. Settings not correct in Tixly Box Office

Tixly Box Office has the possibility to connect to different print sources, like a standard ink printer or other barcode printers.
To check your settings, please press the printer icon in Box Office:


You will then be given different print sources to choose from:

Check that you have chosen your Godex Printer.
Then go to More Settings to check that this is your setup:

mceclip3.pngWhen using the latest version of Tixly Device Manager, please make sure to enable new Device Manager in this window. Press save, and then you can try to print tickets again.

If there is no print now, please call Tixly Support and explain the problem. We'll be happy to help.