Basket Rules examples

Examples of basket rules 


AND and OR, easy mistakes

See this example. It is an attempt to check if someone buys for one of the events and has a specific tag. How this has been set up triggers the actions for much more orders then intended.


The condition has the [OR} on two events. but also on the lower group with [Customer has tag] statement. The lower group has only one statement, therefor the [AND|OR] toggle is inactive, you can see this by the colors and because I does not respond to clicks.

The effect is that now for every customer with this tag or for everybody with one of the events in the order the actions of this rule will be executed. 

The correct setup is like this:


Here you see that the [Customer has tag] statement AND the group below must be true. The group below is true if one of the two events is in the basket. 


Target persons not having a specific membership.

You want to promote a membership to persons buying something. For example persons buying 10 or more tickets, but are not a specific member.  You first idea might be to set it up like this.


The rules are taken literally and the above actually does:

-  Check if the customer has an active membership that is not equal to type [Goldmember]


-  Check if the customer has an active membership that is not equal to type [Silvermember]


This works as long as a customer has a membership, any other than the two mentioned. But you want to target anybody without these memberships, also persons without any membership.


The correct way to do this is like this:


Here you check if the customer has zero memberships of type [Silvermember]. This works also for customers without any membership.  This is then done for the other membership type also. 


You can do a check for customers not having a certain customer tag. This should be set up in similar way.