How do I set up a promo code?

A promo or voucher code gives the customer access to a discounted price. The code can be entered on the last page of the buying flow. 



Add promo code

1. Start by creating a new Ticket type or use an existing ticket type

2. Add the ticket type and discounted price to the event date. 

3. Keep the discounted ticket type on 'local sales' only. 

4. Add the promo code to the 'main' ticket type, this is usually the 'Regular' ticket type, (which should be set to 'local sales + internet') by clicking on the business card icon. 


5. Add an existing promo code from the drop-down that appears or start typing a new promo and press 'Add new'.


6. When adding a new promo code set the following:

  • Name: Internal name.
  • Code: The code the customer has to use online.
  • Ticket type: The discounted ticket type that should be used after filling in the promo code. 


7. Save the new promo code and save the event. The code is now ready to be used online. 


A ticket type can have more than one promo codes connected. 

Edit voucher code

Navigate to Administration - Events - Vouchers to edit already existing voucher codes.


In the module the name, code and which ticket type it should be connected to can be edited. It is also possible to see existing connection and remove a voucher code from events.