Administrate a membership


After buying a membership a tag will be added to the customer card. From here the membership can be managed, you can extend, cancel, renew, give and in some cases share the membership.



By clicking the tag you get more information about the membership. Eg. you can see when the customer became a member, when it expires and if it will be renewed automatically. 

By clicking Action the following options appear:

Open order

The receipt of the order will be opened and from here you can send an order confirmation, open the order history, print the ticket (if a template is available) or open the online receipt just like a regular order. 



You can extend the membership manually without extra payment. The current membership gets a new expiry date, this can be put in the past or future.  



A customer can also give the membership to someone else eg. when the customer bought it as a present. It can be given to an existing customer or you can create a new customer card for the receiver. The order appears in the customer card of the buyer, the tag is connected to the receiver. 



When the member count is put to more than one person (see Membership/donations) the membership can be shared. This can be done for an existing customer or a new customer. In this case both the buyer and the customer who the membership is shared with receive the tag. Both customers can now profit from the benefits connected to the membership. Press the tag and it shows with whom the membership is shared. 



When you don't use the auto renewal feature it is also possible to renew a membership manually. A new reservation will be made which can be paid instantly or via a weblink. The membership is extended when the old membership expires and keeps the same number. 


Cancel the auto renewal

You can cancel the auto renewal, the membership will be valid until the expiry date and end automatically. 


Delete a membership

It is possible to delete a membership. Open the order which contains the membership, click 'Delete'. The tick in the box 'Expire connected memberships' is on. This will make the membership expire immediately and not at the original expiration date. Choose the right payment type. Click 'Delete'.