Scanners or a mobile phone can be used to scan tickets. The app for the scanners can be downloaded from the Tixly support website and the Tixly Scan app for the phone can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Open the app, log in with your own Tixly user or a specific scanner user (see users) and select the correct country. The app logs in directly to the scan screen.

The app has 3 different tabs:


This is where the tickets are scanned. Hold the camera over the barcode to scan the ticket or tap on the green 'ready to scan' bar to enter the barcode manually. Several messages may appear after scanning.

Valid ticket

This is a valid ticket and gives access to the event.


Ticket already scanned

This ticket has already been scanned before, see at the bottom of the screen when this ticket was scanned and by which user.


Invalid ticket

This barcode no longer appears in the system as a valid ticket, it is possible that the ticket has been cancelled.


Wrong entrance

The visitor is at the wrong entrance or the scanner is set to the wrong entrance.


Wrong hall

The visitor is at the wrong hall or the scanner is set to the hall.


Scanning not started / is stopped for this event

The ticket presented is not yet or no longer scannable because the event is not active.



This shows which events are active to be scanned. If the event is not in the list, the scan times can be adjusted in Tixly BoxOffice, see the scanning heading in the create events manual.



If there are several halls or entrances, you can select here which hall / entrance can be scanned with the relevant scanner. If no selection is made here, all entrances and halls are scannable.