Scanner settings

Recommended scanner settings

The following settings should be configured in the device settings of the scanners.

Datalogic Memor 1 / Joya Touch A6

Settings zitten onder settings - System - Scanner settings.

(Recommended scanner)

Settings - Scanner settings - Notification

Good read audio mode: None

Turn this off so there will be no 'good read' feedback when the barcode is not actually inputted into the Tixly Scan App). This will avoid confusion, eg the box employee keeps scanning while the barcode is actually not inputted into the Tixly Scan App.

Settings - Scanner settings - Formatting

Label prefix: None

Label suffix: [LF]

Group separator: [GS] 

Settings - Scanner settings - Wedge

Enable keyboard wedge: Yes

Keyboard wedge only on focus: No

Keyboard wedge input mode: Key pressure

Enable intent wedge: Yes

Settings - Sound & notification

Media volume: Loud

By turning the media volume up, you will hear the feedback sound of the Tixly Scan App better, so you know if the scan was good or not.

Zebra TC21

Open the DataWedge app on the scanner and open an existing profile or create a new one. 

Keystroke output: Enabled yes

Keystroke output - Basic data formatting: Send ENTER key

Intent output: Enabled no


Wepoy DT40/S95

The setup of Wepoy S95 is identical with other scanners, but looks different in some older Android versions.

Under settings, you get the possibility to log in with your Google account, and log in to Mobile network. This is not necessary to scan tickets in Tixly.

Scanner settings

  1. Make sure the scanner has a connection to wifi. The network should be an own dedicated network so others will not use the same bandwith and capacity of the network. This may interfere with the scanning.
  2. Swipe down top to bottom to get to the settings.
    Press the wheel to get to the rest of the settings.

  3. Screen: Set Sleep mode to 30min or Never
  4. Click Scanner Settings and set the following settings:


    Important: Read more about the 3 Triggering Modes here:
    Triggering Modes will affect scanning and how scanning will be done when you press one of the three big scan buttons.

  5. Triggering Modes can be chosen with your own preferences. 
    Host is used if the scan user are able to scan when the button is pressed.
    Pulse is used this way: Press the button and the scan function is activated, and will scan automatically when the scanner locates a barcode or qr-code.
    Continuous should not be used, as it will draw a lot of energy from the battery.

  6. You can also set scanning sounds if you wish.


  7. Scanner sounds can be edited here as well:
  8. Set the correct date and time:



FAQ errors with scanning

Scanning is slow

The scanner can "hang" on a wifi-access point, which does not give the best coverage or range.

Solution: Turn Wifi off, on again and reconnect.

Solution: Close the app and restart it.
Solution: Restart the scanner,.

Scanning not registrered

It might be that you hear sound or vibration, but the scanner does not scan.

Solution: Turn off wifi and turn it on again to reconnect.

No response on scanner

Check internet connection. Even though you are logged into the app, and checked the connection where you got the scanner, it does not necessairly mean you have internet at the entrance you scan.

Solution: Open a browser and try an internet page you have not cached on the scanner. Restart the wifi to reconnect.