Product Sales.

The product sales report can be used to view sales of products and who bought them. The report can be generated in three ways.


By sale dates

The chosen Date will represent the transaction period. "How much was product sales between 1:th of January and 31:th of January". 

By event dates

The chosen Date will represent the date of shows. "How much have we sold for events that is going to be held on Saturday?". This report is often use for food and beverages product to see who has bought which food package and for which event.

By event dates simple

Like By event dates but with less columns, tailored for restaurants that need a dedicated list of customers with information about what food packages they have bought. 


The customer list can be filtered per event by choosing one in the event lists. Only events that is represented in the report will be shown in the list.


Furthermore it is possible to generated the report for sold, reserved or both.