Restaurant List

A restaurant list can be generated using the Product Sales report. The list includes date connected products that have been sold to a specific event. Commonly a pre dinner package or a snack for the intermission.


Date: Chose either the exact date for the event or an interval to see sales for more than one event

Report type: By event date simple.

Type: Chose either sold, reserved or both.


The report then shows all connected products for the set date interval with customer information such as name, phone, number of products and order description (used for information e.g. allergies or other messages that should be viewed by the kitchen). The report can be filtered by event (if a longer period of time is chosen) and the search field can be used to find specific customers or products in the report.


  • A more detailed report can be generated by choosing By event dates as Report type. Read more in the article about Product Sales.