Subscription Sales.

Sales Summary

There is one main sales report for subscriptions sales called Sales summary found in the reporting module under Reporting - Subscription - Sale summary. It is generated based on a date interval and shows sales for that period.


The report consists of different tables. The first one shows each subscription that have been sold during the period with numbers of sold subscriptions, how many tickets, and total revenue. 


The next section shows subscription sales in comparison with regular sales. Then follows 4 different tables showing sales for specific event and event groups:

  1. Sale of event groups that are a part of subscription
  2. Sale of events that are a part of subscription
  3. Sale of event groups that are not a part of subscription
  4. Sale of events that are not a apart of subscription

Event Overview Report

The Event Overview Report can be used to show sales for one or more selected events made in subscriptions. In the type filed select Only subscriptions and all figures in the generated report will be subscription sales.