Tixly contains many standard reports for various needs and purposes. In this article, we briefly explain the following:

Daily Sales


The most common sales report. It shows ticket sales for events based on transaction period or event date period or a combination of both (e.g. all sales in January for events that are held in February). Can be set to show VAT.


  • Sales per event date or event group
  • Sales per ticket type
  • Sales per user
  • Sales per day
  • Free tickets per event date or event group



The customer report in Tixly shows a list of customers based on chosen events and report type. The types that can be generated are:

  • Sold tickets
  • Reserved tickets
  • All tickets (both sold and reserved)
  • Not printed tickets
  • Invitation (Only free tickets)
  • Deleted tickets
  • Customer & Seat info

All types show one row per order except for Customer & Seat info which shows one row per ticket. This type is mostly used as a guest list.

The report includes all information about the customer and the order such as: customer information (name, address, phone, email etc.), link to online receipt, scanning information (is the ticket scanned, when, and by who), permission, payment type and alternative emails.



The Geographic Report shows number of sold tickets per event divided by country. Commonly used by promoters to international events.


Promotor Settlement

Report showing the gross and net ticket revenue for a production, grouping revenue by event date and ticket types. The report also includes an overview of the payment methods and commissions used for that production. 

Event Overview Report


The Event Overview Report is commonly used to settle sales after a show has been held. It can be generated for specific events or multiple events and filtered by transaction dates.


  • Sales divided between regular sales, subscription sales and free tickets in regular and subscriptions
  • Sales by Ticket Types
  • Sales by Price
  • Sales by Price Zone
  • Sales by User
  • Sales by Section
  • Allocation by type
  • Reserved by Ticket Type & Price

The report can also be filtered to show only sales in subscription and be setup to show columns for VAT/Sales Tax.


Tixly includes 3 different reports for subscriptions that are explained below.

Sales Summary


Sales Summary shows subscription sales per subscription based on a transaction period.


  • Total subscription sales divided on sales type (fixed seat, flexible subscription etc.)
  • Sales by event group that are part of a subscription
  • Sales by event date that are part of a subscription
  • Sales by event group that are not part of a subscription
  • Sales by event date that are not part of a subscription



The Subscription Customer Report is similar to the event customer report and shows a list of customers based on selected subscriptions. It can be generated to show:

  • Sold tickets
  • Reserved tickets
  • Not printed tickets
  • Customer & Seat info (one row per ticket)

In addition to this, if report type is set to Fixed subscription seat info, the list will show the original seat that the customer has, not taking any changes into account. Used commonly in renewals.




The Statistics Report shows statistics based on selected subscriptions. The report also shows the movement of subscribers when renewing in a sankey diagram.

Daily Settlements


Frequently used by most of Tixly users to settle daily sales.   Can be generated to Display all orders (Report type) over a defined date period.

If you are using this report an have the user right "Can use cashier filters" the following filters become available: 

Users and Users group: Use to filter the report to show only their sales. ..

Owner organisation:  Show sales made for items owned by this organisations

The report shows sales grouped by:

  • Per type (tickets, product, subscription, fees, gift card etc.).
  • Per event date or event group.
  • Per product.
  • Per payment type.
  • Per user/seller.
  • Made by invoice.
  • Made as a partial payment.


  • The user tix.uk will show all sales made online.
  • Display all orders shows both sales and refunds

Product Sales


Shows sold or reserved (or both) products based on transaction date or event date for event connected products. The report can be generated as "simple", commonly used by a restaurant to get a list of "tonight's dinner guests".

Sale Summary


Shows detailed sales based on transaction period and divided per day, week or month. Commonly used to review sales over a longer time period. 

Includes sale of:

  • Tickets
  • Free tickets
  • Subscription tickets
  • Gift cards
  • Sold online
  • Sold in BoxOffice

Card Transactions


Transaction list of all payments made via POS and online (card and mobile payment) based on transaction period and user/s. If the user field is left empty, all users will apply.

Weekly Sales


Shows sales per week based on transaction period. Sales are shown per event group. The darker green a box is, the more tickets have been sold.

Event projection


Tool to project revenue for an event date. Numbers can be shown based on sales on a previous event.

Organisation Settlement

The Organisation Settlement report can be used to settle sales between different organisations and displays all the orders and revenue that are done by one organisation for another organisation.

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Used to download a list of all ticket buyers that have opted-in or opted-out of a certain permission. List can be downloaded as CSV with name, email or mobile and timestamp. Red box includes email permissions and the blue box SMS/mobile permissions.

The yellow box shows the number of unique active customers with the selected permission. The export shows all customers that have accepted the permission in the past. This may contain duplicates. For more information go to read more (below). 

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Gift Cards


Shows all sold, used and expired gift cards based on a defined date & time interval. It is also possible to show status of gift cards (what is the value of all active gift cards) on a defined date.

Special Offer

Report showing numbers for sales and customers in special offers.



Sales made in Special Offer links. Can be filtered via Event filter and grouped special offers or event (one row per special offer or event date) 



Gives a customer list for sold and reserved tickets in special offers.

Events with fee revenue


Shows sales figures including ticket fees for event dates based on transaction period. Can be filtered by user.


  • No selected users means All users
  • Online sales is the same as user tix.uk

Finance Export


Report to be imported into finance/accounting software. Created in the finance export module Administration - Integration - Finance Export. Can be generated for selected user/s and for a specified time period.


The membership report can be generated based on various filters such as; sales by transaction period, reservations and membership expiration date. The report will display the actual number of current memberships and the memberships sold, expired, served or deleted in the selected period.

The mandate column indicates whether a payment has been made using a payment method that can be automatically renewed after the membership expiration date. 


This report can be used to pull a list of customers who have made a donation. It's possible to select a specific donation and to use the date filter to specify the transaction period. 

Ticket Breakdown

Overview of ticket sales, providing a breakdown of different fee and commission elements. Can be pulled for fees / tickets only, or a full overview of both. 


User Access

The User Access report provides an overview of all users and their current rights and group. There are options to filter on the date users were last updated and it's also possible to include deleted / inactive users.


Event Availability

Overview of event capacity and projected value of reserved and available tickets.

Payment Commissions

Payment commissions can be added to payment types, allowing the venue to keep a percentage of the sales revenue from the payout to the promoter. The payment commission is set per payment type and the reporting on those commissions is included in this report. Showing the distribution of used payment methods for events, including commission values if applicable.

Order Overview

A new report has been added. This report enables the display of all orders, regardless of their content or status. It includes a variety of filters, allowing refined results based on dates, payment statuses, customer tags, organisations, order content, order amount, and more.

An example of a popular request that this report solves is the ability to see how many orders and for what amount customers with a specific tag have purchased within a specific time period. This report allows for that and much more.