Customer Lists

There are different customer lists in the system, customers for events, customers in subscriptions, customers in special offers, and more. These can be found in different reports in the reporting module. In this article we will explain where to find which customers

Customer Report

The customer report is the main report showing customers. In the system it is simply called Customers and can be found in the reporting module. The report is generated based on selected events using the event filter. Multiple events can be selected but bare in mind that, the more events, the heavier the data, the longer it will take to generate the report. 


The table contains many columns, depending on screen size, some of the columns might be hidden. To open these, click the blue plus icon to the left of a row to expand it. Note that all columns will be shown when exporting the report.


The report can also be generated as different Report types.

  • Sold tickets: Shows orders for all sold tickets.
  • Reserved tickets: Shows orders for all reserved tickets.
  • All tickets: Shows all orders, both sold and reserved tickets.
  • Not printed tickets: Shows all orders with tickets that have not been printed.


  • Invitation: Shows all orders containing free tickets.
  • Deleted tickets: Shows all orders containing deleted tickets.
  • Customer & Seat Info: Shows all orders with sold tickets and lists them one row per ticket with specified seat information (section, row, seat etc.). Can be used as a event guest list.



  • The report shows all ticket types (both regular and subscription).

Subscription Customers

Same list as the regular customer list but shows only customers in chosen subscriptions. It can be found in the reporting module at Reporting - Subscriptions - Customers.

It is possible to quickly select all subscriptions within a season to get a list of all subscriptions customers in a specific season.


Report types

Like the regular customer list, it can be generated as different types: Sold, Reserved, Not printed, Customer & seat info but also Fixed subscription seat info (what seat they had before changes have been made).


This shows entrance, section and most important row and seat. The report is commonly used for renewals.


Special Offer Customers

Same list as the customer report for regular sales but shows only customers for selected special offer/s. There is also a possibility to filter event within the special offer with a Event filter. Can show either sold or reserved tickets. Can be found in the reporting module under Reporting - Special Offer - Customers.


Customer Tags

To get a list of all customers with a certain tag go into the Customers tag module Administration - Customers - Tags, click Actions and chose Tags.


There you will get a customer list with contact information and permission consent.


Product Customers

Customers that have bought products are shown in the Product Sales report, found in Reporting - Product Sales. The customers are shown in the second table in the report.


More information about this report can be found in a dedicated article.

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