Auto report


A BoxOffice user of any type can be set up for a ticket or product sales report with delivery by email at a specific date and time.

1. An email layout template of the type ReportDeliveryEvents or ReportDeliveryProducts needs to be created. 


Read more about email layouts in this article.

2. The one who should receive the report needs to be set up as a user in BoxOffice. Read about users here.


3. Navigate to Administration - Users and the user that is supposed to get the report (alternatively create a new user). Go into the tab  Auto Report and click Add delivery.


3. Choose report type and when it is supposed to be delivered

  • Type: Report for sold tickets to Events or sold Products.
  • Layout: Choose layout.
  • Use event filter: To only include specific events, activate the event filter and choose desired ones. Also used to define how many days in the past that events should be included in the report.


  • Categories(only for product report): Choose product categories. 
  • Product (only for product report): Choose specified products.
  • Time: Choose time.
  • Day: Choose days of the week.


  • When a event has been held, it will be excluded from the report if Days back in the Event filter is NOT used.
  • When Event filter is inactive, all events will be included in the report as long as the user has access to it. This could include events in other venues that the user has access to. The same events that the users sees in promoter dashboard will also be shown in report.

4. Click Register and the report will be sent at set day/s and time.


In the Auto report tab, all deliveries that have been set up will be shown. It is possible to edit with the blue pen, stop delivery with red cross or review history with white history symbol.