A allocation is created to block seats or to connect a specific ticket type to specific seats in the hall, e.g. press, VIP, campaign or wheel chair.

Create a allocation


To create an allocation, navigate to Administration - Venues - Allocations and press Add allocation in the upper right corner. 



Name: The name of the allocation. 
Abbreviation: Visible on the allocated seat in the hall view. Use 1-2 letter.
Icon: If desired one can use an icon instead of abbreviation to highlight the allocation on the seat in the hall view.
Blocked: Define if the seat should be blocked and by so not be counted into the total capacity of the hall. Blocked seats are also hidden in the online buying process. 

Access Rights


User access:  If set to No, all users with sales access will be able to sell tickets on this allocation. If set to Yes, it is possible to define which specific users that shall have access to the allocated seats.
Users: Define which users that should have access to the allocation. 

Allocate seats

Numbered hall 

To allocate seats, navigate to the seat map for an event, choose the seats that should be allocated and press Allocate in the lower right corner. 


In the next step, choose which allocation that should be given the seats. If you would like to use a alternative name for the allocations it can be set under Allocation name (e.g. if you for this specific case want the allocation called VIP to be named VIP - Mamma Mia. It is also possible to set if the allocation should expire at a certain date and time by set Expires to Yes and then choose the time. Press Save once all settings are set.


Unnumbered hall

To make an allocation in an unnumbered hall, first choose the number of tickets that should be allocated. It does not matter which ticket type is used. 


When desired number of tickets has been selected, press Allocate in the lower right corner and apply settings and rules the same way as with allocations in numbered hall. 

At the top just below the price zone field, there will now be shown a box for each allocation that has been added to the event. There is also a number in the same box which indicates how many tickets that are included in the allocation.


Remove allocation

To release allocated seats despite if the hall is numbered or unnumbered you choose the allocated seats, press Allocate and choose Clear allocation and press Save.




In the hall view, you can press the symbol for allocation statistics to the right to view detailed allocation statistics for the event.


Copy allocations to other events

It is possible to create allocations in one event and then copy them to other events, copy them to the configuration of the hall or create a new configuration based on the changes you have made.

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Sell tickets from an allocation in special offer

It is possible to sell tickets from a specific allocation directly in a special offer. This makes it possible to e.g. offer a special group of customer selected seats or discounted single seats.

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