Import/Update customers.

Navigate to:  Administration - Customers - Import / Update. In this module it is possible to upload a CSV file with customers. This makes it possible to both update existing customer and create new from a external source.



  • The file must be in CSV format and use ; as separator.
  • The columns in the file must follow the example below. At the bottom of this article there is a template that can be downloaded and used.


Update customers

To download a list of the customer, either contact Tix Support, to get a complete list of customers in the data base or use Segmentation to get a filtered list. Press Export results and choose Download with all customer data. This list follows the correct format to be imported.


In excel, all customer information can freely be modified and changed.

Add new customer

To add a new customer to the list, create a new row and give it the Customer ID 0. When the list is imported the system will then generate a new Customer ID to the new customer.


  • If you change a existing CustomerID, this will update the customer with the ID that is input. Therefore the Customer ID should never be changed.

Upload CSV file


Press Browse, and select the file, then press Upload.


In the next view, an overview of all changes will be shown. To approve them, press Confirm customer upload or press Cancel to stop.

  • Yellow cell in the table means that the value in the cell will be changed (e.g. new e-mail).
  • A Green row means that a new customer will be added.
  • Blue box shows number of customer that are being uploaded.
  • Yellow box shows number of customer cards that will be changed.
  • Turquoise box shows number of customer cards that will not be changed.
  • Green box shows how many customers that will be created.


After pressing Confirm, wait until the. message Customer successfully imported! is shown together with a thumbs up!