Allow date change

It is possible to allow ticket buyers to change tickets themselves online. Rules can be applied to activate changes for only subscribers, only ticket buyers, only ticket buyers for a specific event group etc.

Allow changes online


Navigate to the Season where changes can be enabled via Administration - Season. Here you apply the rules that should apply for changes.


  • Allow changes: When set to Yes, other settings will be shown below. 
  • Free changes: Define if any and if so how many free changes that a customer is allowed to do.
  • Max changes: Define if the customer should be allowed to change only a set amount of times. If set to 0, unlimited changes will be allowed.
  • Days before event: Define how many days prior to event start that changes should no longer be allowed.
  • Overwrite ticket type: 
    • If set to No, the ticket type that the customer has must be available for the event that he/she wants to change to. The customer will have to pay the price difference if there is one for the new event. Note that if the new tickets are cheaper, the customer will not get any money back.
    • If set to Yes, then the same ticket type does not have to be linked to the event or available online, the original price is retained when exchanging. However, if the same ticket type is available on the new event the price difference is charged. 
  • Same price zone: If set to Yes, the ticket will only be allowed to change within the same price zone as the original seat.  
  • Fee type: Define if a fee should be paid by the customer when changing and if the fee should apply per order or per ticket. 
  • Price online: Price for changes made online
  • BoxOffice product: Connect the product that should be used for changes made in box office. The cost for the exchange is set when editing the product.

When you are done, click Save and the rules have been set. 


Note! Change date to an event in another season is not possible. Event which you can change dates from and to must be in the same season. Neither is it possible to online change within the same event as the tickets are bought for. Change dates is only possible to another event.

Event groups

To allow changes for individual event groups, the above settings on the season that are connected to the event group need to be set. Then navigate to Administration - Events - Groups

Open the tab Advanced.

  • Allow changes can be set to:
    • No: It is not possible for the ticket buyer to change tickets themselves.
    • Within same event group: It will be possible for the ticket buyer to change their tickets to another show within the same group. E.g. to another date of the same production.
    • To any group with same promoter: It will be possible for the ticket buyer to change tickets to another event with the same promoter. E.g. to another concert hosted by Promoter X (not necessary the same concert). The events must also have Allow changes to this group active (see below).
    • To all event groups: It is possible for the ticket buyer to change their tickets to any event that has Allow changes to this group active.


  • Allow changes to this group: 
    • If set to Yes, it is possible to change tickets to events in this group provided that changes to this group are active on the events that the ticket buyers should be able to change from.


Event groups must be available online in order for online changes to work. 


To enable online changes, the above settings must be configured at the Season and Event Group levels, but also at the Event level. Go to Administration - Events - Dates and set the event to Available online. Only when the online sale of the event has started is it possible to change to the event.


If the event should be available for online changes but not (yet) for regular sales, set the Sales status to Sales not planned under the Information tab.


To allow changes for a subscription, you first need to set the settings described above for the season that the subscription is connected to. Then navigate to Administration - Subscriptions

Go to the tab Internet and scroll down to:

  • Allow change:
    • Within same event group: The subscriber can change tickets to any event date within the same event group as the original event. 
    • Event groups in subscription: The subscriber can change their ticket from event group A to the other event groups within the subscription.
    • To any event group: The subscriber can change their ticket to any event group that is in the same season as the subscription and has changes allowed on event group level. NOTE, for this to work the setting Allow change to this event group must be activated on the event group. Read more in the next section.
  • Change outside subscription: 
    • If set to No, the subscriber can only change to the events that are already inside the subscription.
    • If set to Yes, it is possible to change to any event based on set rules.