Customer order page (online).

When a customer makes a online purchase he/she will be directed to the order page. A link to this page is also sent to the customer's email. The order page is available for all purchases (both box office and online).


On the order page, customer can:

  • Download tickets (PDF and mobile)
  • Download product vouchers
  • View receipt
  • View seats in numbered hall
  • View seat information
  • View recommended events (if activated)
  • Change date and seats (if activated)
  • Add products to order (if activated)
  • Add unique name to tickets (if activated)
  • Send tickets to friend

Navigate to order page

  • After online purchase (payment have been approved), the customer will be redirected to the order page.
  • From the e-mail confirmation sent automatically after purchase, View order (could be called something else)



  • From the order in box office, the user can Send mail to the customer with a link to the order page.


Show seats


Press View seats to open hall view where the seats for the event in the order are highlighted.


Download tickets

PDF tickets


Press Get tickets downloads all tickets in the order as PDF. Note! that product vouchers must be downloaded separately.

Mobile ticket


To download mobile tickets (Wallet or Pass2U), press Mobile pass and add each ticket one at a time by pressing each tickets box. Note! Product voucher cannot be downloaded as mobile tickets.

Product voucher


Get product will download all product vouchers in the order as PDF.

Recommended events


At the top (if activated), recommended events will be shown. The chosen event is based on events that people also bought tickets to. E.g. Many people that have bought tickets to ABBA (in the order) have also bought tickets to Cabaret and Måsen.

Change date


The customer kan (if activated) change to another date by pressing Change show, choose a new event, new seats and complete payment for potential exchange fee.

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Add products


The customer can (if activated) add product to an existing order. E.g. if he/she realize that it would be nice to drink a beer before the show.


The customer will then be redirected to a buying process for products where he/she can add desired products and finalize the purchase.

  • Note! visible products are only date connected ones.

Unique name on tickets


It is possible to activate so that all tickets bought for a event needs a unique name on it. This must be added from the customer order page before it is possible to download the tickets.


Ticket forwarding


Press Forward tickets to friend.


Choose which tickets to forward, input a e-mail address and press Send. It is also possible to either just download the selected ticket or copy a link that will lead to download of the tickets.

If you press send, the recipient will receive a e-mail with instructions of how to download the tickets.