Gift card

Edit gift card

In Administration - Gift Cards - Settings it is possible to edit gift card settings.



  • Name: The name entered here is normally shown on the gift card layout (if not removed) and in the online buying process. 


  • Expiry years: Number of years that the gift card is valid from purchase date.
  • Payment type: Payment type should here be set to Gift card. This should not be changed.
  • Default BO price: Standard price in sales view. Can be changed when selling.


  • Available numbers: Shows number of available gift card numbers for Box Office and web. Contact Tixly Support if you need to increase those.


Available online

Define whether the gift card shall be available online or not.

  • Available online: Yes to activate online gift card.
  • Skin: What skin/brand should be used in the online buying process.
  • Link: Link to gift card online buying process.
  • Description: Description shown online.


  • Delivery types: Define delivery types.
  • Mail template: Define email template for online sales.
  • Online price options: Add pre-defined gift card values to the online buying process. An empty field adds a free value box to the buying process.



  • Text when using online: Text field shown to the customers in the last step of the buying process where number and pin are input.



You can translate Name, Description and Text when using online.


In Layout it is possible to set a layout for different ticket printers as well as the PDF Gift Card. For the PDF it is possible to add multiple layouts and let the customer choose a specific layout when they download the PDF. It could for example be a dedicated Christmas layout or a summer special.





In Administration - Gift Cards - Groups it is possible to create additional gift card types valid only for specific events and with a deviating expiry date. E.g. a gift card valid during 2 months from purchase, only for a couple of specific events. To create a new group, click Add group in the upper right corner. 

This new gift card can be sold online with a dedicated purchase link as well as in Box Office in the regular gift card sales view.


To activate the gift card for events navigate to Administration - Events - Dates, choose the event you want the gift card to be valid for and add the group at the bottom in the Information tab.



  • Additional gift card groups are only valid for events where it is added.
  • It is possible to bulk edit events and add an additional gift card to a whole production or season.
  • It is possible to add a Prefix to the additional gift cards in order to distinguish them from the regular one.