Customer card.


The customer card contains all orders connected to the customer (sold, reserved, deleted), the customer information (contact, tags and descriptions) and order history. 

Customer information

Contact information


By pressing the top bar on the customer card (see red dot), the customers contact information can be viewed and edited and a web user can be connected. If changes are made, press Save.


Alternative emails


In the customer card alternative emails can be added which are visible in the customer report. 

Description / Internal notice 

A description is an internal notice of the customer which is only visible and editable inside the customer card for those working in BoxOffice. 


When a customer card has a description, a green "i" appears at the top right corner of the customer card. When hovering the icon, the note is displayed. 


Customer tags


Press the + icon below the customer information to add a customer tag on a customer card, choose tag and press Save. 



If you want to delete a tag, press the tag you want to delete and then Remove.

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To add or remove a connected permission, click the letter icon below the customer information

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Web user


If there is a globe next to the customers name, it means there is a connected web user to the customer card. When hovering the globe the web user email will appear. If you wish to connect a web user to the customer, press the blue button Connect web user


A popup will appear where you can search for a web user by name, email or phone. Choose a web user and press Set web user.

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On the customer card all orders connected to the customer will appear. The order card have different icons on it. 

  • Green globe: Sold order online.
  • Green person: Sold order in box office.
  • Yellow person: Reserved order in box office.

On the order card you can also see what the order contains, order number, price and any subscription tags. 


Just below the customer information there are two buttons. Event shows orders with upcoming or passed events (press the calendar icon to choose). Deleted orders shows orders that has been deleted (press the trash can to select sold or reserved). 

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You can also sell/reserve tickets, products, subscriptions and gift cards straight from the customer card by pressing Sell/Reserve. Press the price tag icon to choose between tickets, products, subscriptions or gift cards. 

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