If you have a streaming platform that can generate unique streaming codes Tixly can import those into an unnumbered venue and generate tickets with unique codes that will grant access to the streaming concert.

What do you need?

  • You need to use TIXLY as ticket system.
  • You need a third party streaming service that can generate unique codes like Vimeo

What do you do?

  • Generate the codes from the streaming service. The amount can be anything (eg. 10 000). These codes should be in CSV or TXT format with one code per row. Send these codes to Tixly support.
  • Create an unnumbered ”streaming venue” with the wanted amount of tickets.
  • Create an event in the venue you just created.
  • Create a new ticket layout for the streaming event where you add the variable
    #SINFO#. It will be in this variable where the unique streaming code will be shown to the ticket buyer.
  • Send the codes to Tixly Support who will in 24 hours upload the streaming codes to the event.
  • Start selling!

Don't forget that you also can...

  • ...use the automatic generated/trigger e-mail or SMS on the event to remind the ones who have bought a code that the ”streaming concert starts in x hours...”
  • ...create a PDF layout with multiple tickets on the same A4 page.