Web profile.


A web profile can be created by the customer online, either in the last step of the buying process or via direct link (e.g.. https://tix.se/en/login/).



In the Order tab, the customer can see all his/her orders for future and passed events. One can press each order to get to its order page and add products, review receipt, change date/seat along with downloading tickets and vouchers.

Edit profile


In Profile, the customer can change permission consent and customer information.



If the customer have access to special offers, they will be present in the Offers tab. Read more about this in the special offer article.

Connection to customer card


When a web profile is created by a customer upon ticket purchase it is automatically connected to a new customer card in box office.

If the customer already has a customer card in box office and creates a new web profile, it will not automatically connect to the existing box office customer card.

A user in box office can however connect a customer card to a web profile via the Connect web user button.