Administrate order

Reserved order



A reserved order has a yellow icon in the customer card and can contain tickets, products, subscriptions and/or gift cards that have not yet been fully paid. If the order contains a partial payment it is still a reservation. 


Internal notice and expiration date 


In the tab Description you can add, view and edit an internal notice for the order. In this tab the orders expiration date is set as well and you can see when it was last edited and by who.

Send reservation expiry email


In the same tab you can set up an email to send as a reminder to the customer that the order is about to expire X hours before expiration. 

Additional delivery address


You can add an additional delivery address which appears on the printable A4 receipt. 



In the Payment tab the order can either be partially or fully paid for. To add a partial payment, type the sum of the payment on chosen payment type and click Add payment next to the payment type Partial payment



If there is an integrated payment terminal you can use the POS tab. Select the amount and click Send to POS to complete the payment in the terminal. 



In the Web tab you can send a payment link to the customer where the customer can pay for the order online. Make your choices and click Send and an email will be sent to the customer. It's possible to see in the order history if the email has been opened/read by the customer and view the email to see how it looked. 

  • Auto login: Determine whether the customer is automatically logged in when opening the payment link.
  • Weblink: This is the unique link for the specific order where the customer can pay for the order. This link is included in the email sent to the customer. From here you can copy the link and send it through an external system if desired. 
  • Language: Choose the language the link above will be generated in.
  • Mail template: Choose which mail template to send to the customer. It's possible to define a default template and define what order they should be presented in. Contact Tixly Support if you wish to make changes. 
  • Message: If this field is included in the template, in this field you can write a custom message to the customer. 
  • Email: The email address the email will be sent to. The address on the customer card is shown as standard but can be replaced in this field to any email. 
  • Use basket: Determine whether the basket can be viewed and/or edited online. Can be set to:
    • No - The ticket buyer can see but not edit the content of the basket.
    • Simple - The ticket buyer can actively choose to open the basket and edit the content there (delete an event and change seats).
    • Advanced - The basket will open automatically (adds a step in the purchase process), the ticket buyer can view and edit it (for example: delete an event and change seats) before proceeding with payment.
      • Remove items - Determines whether the ticket buyer is allowed to delete individual items rather than just entire events.
  • Renewing subscription: If the order contains a subscription, it can be stated here whether the order is a renewal or not. A reserved order marked as renewal can be seen in 'My Pages'.

Discount price


Select tickets in the Tickets tab, at the bottom either, give the tickets a fixed price (e.g. €20) or set a percentage discount (e.g. 20%). Click Go and the new price will be given to the selected tickets.

Add tickets, products, memberships, subscriptions, gift cards or service fees. 


Click Add to order in the Tickets tab and choose desired item.



If Products or Tickets are added, the system will propose the items that are already in the order but it is also possible to search for and choose another item.

Print reservation confirmation


Click Print in the Tickets tab and select Print to print a A4 reservation confirmation. It is also possible to include or exclude the order description in the print-out.

Split order


In the Ticket tab, select tickets and click ActionsSelect New order and the selected tickets will be moved to a new order in the same customer card but with a new order ID.

Move tickets to new customer


In the Tickets tab, select tickets and click Actions. Select Change customer. Create a new customer or find existing. Click Change customer again to finalize the change. The selected tickets will now be moved to a new order, to the chosen customer.

Sold order


On a Sold order, all customer and sales information are shown at the top. Customer information to the left and sales information to the right with a order barcode.

Internal notice


Click the Info symbol in the top right corner to view and edit the internal order notice. The notice is only visible to the user and not to the customer. The symbol is Green if there is a notice on the order, otherwise it is Gray.

Change payment method


You can change payment method on a sold order (requires access) by clicking the pen to the left of the registered payment method, selecting a new payment method and clicking OK.

Products & fees


If an order contains fees or date connected products, you can hover over them to see which event they are connected to.



On each ticket there is an arrow symbol. If this is Green, the tickets have been scanned. Hovering over the icon will show when it was scanned and by who.

Send receipt to customer


At the bottom, you can send a receipt copy to the customer. Choose layout, change the email address (if needed) and click Send mailAbove the email address, it is shown when the last email was sent.

View online



Click View online to navigate to the order page online. This is the same page that the customer visits after purchase or that is linked to from the order confirmation email. The page URL can be copied and distributed to the customer if needed. If you have multiple skins, these can be selected by clicking the globe next to View online.

Print tickets


Clicking Print will open up the following print options depending on what is in the order:

  • Print slip: Receipt on receipt printer. Epson.
  • Print receipt: Receipt on thermal printer. Godex, Intermec or Markpoint.
  • Print A4 receipt: Receipt on A4 printer.
  • Print PDF: Download all tickets as a PDF.
  • Print gift card PDF: Download all gift cards as a PDF.
  • Print product PDF: Download all product vouchers as a PDF.
  • Print all products: Print all product vouchers on thermal printer. Godex, Intermec or Markpoint.
  • Print all tickets: Print all tickets on thermal printer. Godex, Intermec or Markpoint.


It is possible to print tickets one at a time by clicking the print icon to the right of the seat. The print symbol will print the ticket on the connected printer and the other symbol will download the ticket as a  PDF. Selecting multiple tickets and clicking Print at the bottom will print the selected tickets on a connected printer.

Change seats


To change seats on tickets in an order, select them and click To new seats. You will then be directed to the hall view for the event.


Current seats are marked with yellow in the hall. At the top, information will be given about current tickets (no of tickets, ticket type, price zone and total amount). Select new seats and click Save.


In the pop-up that follows you can add a fee to the order and send an email to the customer with his/her new tickets. If an exchange fee is set, a new order with the fee as a product will be created on the customer.

  • You can only select the same number of seats as you initially had.
  • The new seats will have the same price as the old ones. If the customer should pay a price difference, we recommend adjusting the exchange fee.
  • If you want the customer to pay the exchange fee before getting the new tickets we recommend sending a web link with the exchange product to the customer and selecting Confirm without sending email. And then sending the email with the new tickets once the exchange fee has been paid.

Change event


To change tickets to a new event, choose To other event instead of To new seats. You will then be asked to search for a new event and will then go through the same process as with Change seats.

Print price


It is possible to print tickets with another price and ticket type than it actually is. E.g. if free tickets have been generated for a contest and you want to put the value of the ticket on them but still register them as free tickets in the system.

Select the ticket you want to change and click Actions and Print price. Choose another ticket type (if you want that) and input another price. Click Save.


Tickets with a deviating print price get a print symbol next to the ticket type name in the order. Hovering over the printer shows information about the print price.


  • To remove print price, select the tickets and change them back to the original ticket type and price manually.

Split order


You can split an order by selecting tickets and clicking Actions - Split at the bottom. The selected tickets will then be moved to a new order on the same customer with a new order ID.

Merge order


Merge an order by selecting them in the customer card and clicking Merge orders in the upper right corner


  • It is not possible to merge a reserved order with a sold order.
  • Order ID for the merged order will be the same as the first order (the order with the lowest order ID).
  • All internal order notices will be kept and moved to the merged order.

Order history


Order history can be viewed from the customer card by hovering over an order and clicking the Order history symbol.

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