Social distancing

In a numbered hall rules for social distancing can be used to place ticket buyers with spacing of X-seats. 

How do you set it up?

  • Navigate to the administration of the event where these rules are to be used. 
  • Open the "Internet-tab" and choose "Social distancing" in the "Numbered seating view" dropdown. 
  • At "Seat offset" - choose how many seats to leave empty between each order.  
  • Choose a max capacity for the event to overwrite the halls capacity when social distancing is applied. 


  • If seats are to be sold on every other row, then every other row needs to be allocated. 

Offset every seat

It is possible to force a dedicated ticket type to always leave X number of seats empty between each other. Navigate to Administration - Tickets - Ticket types and set the setting OffsetEverySeat to Yes. The ticket type will then offset every seat with the "Seat offset" used for the event it's connected to. 





It's possible to have ticket types that offset every seat at the same event as you also have ticket types that do not. 



  • To get access to the OffsetEverySeat setting, contact Tixly Support

How does it work in Boxoffice?

  • You can use the arrow keys (up & down) to choose between the ticket types available for the event. A small arrow to the left of the ticket type name indicates which one is selected.
  • By using the number keys (1-9) you select number of seats to sell/reserve. Seats in the hall are then selected automatically by taking number of seats, rank and social distancing rules into consideration. 
  • If the "max capacity" is exceeded, the large number at the top right will become red.


  • It is possible to exceed the max capacity in BoxOffice but not online. 
  • If the hall has long rows it might be a good idea to overlook the ranking. 

How does it work online?

  • Ticket buyers choose number of ticket types and number of seats as in normal sales, but then do not have the opportunity to choose a seat themselves.
  • The system will choose the best possible seats based on the number of selected seats, ranking and rules for social distancing.

  • The ticket buyer can then, if he/she wishes, search for new seats if he/she is not satisfied with the ones given. 


  • The help/info box opens automatically via computer.

  • Allocated seats are shown in a different way online with Social Distancing to clearly show which seats are sold and which are allocated. Allocated seats appear with a weaker color.