The system can be operated either by using the cursor or the keyboard (tab, enter, numbers and various keyboard shortcuts explained below). You can also go back and forth in the browser to return to the page you recently left. For example, if you are inside a customer card and go on to the dashboard you can quickly go back to the customer by going back in the browser. 

There are also a lot of shortcuts in the system to quickly go from Sales to Administration or to a specific report or vice versa. 

Keyboard shortcuts 

There is a quick guide in the top menu bar which shows the keyboard shortcuts available for you depending on where you are in the system. Keyboard shortcuts can be accessed from anywhere in the system so you do not need to be inside Dashboard to use any of them.





Ctrl + Shift + H: Go to home screen (default dashboard)
Ctrl + S
Search for customer.
Ctrl + S > Ctrl+ ⇨: Search for companies. 
Ctrl + E:
Search for events.
Ctrl + E > Ctrl+ ⇨: Search for past events.
Ctrl + D: Search for subscriptions. 
Ctrl + O: Search for order. 
Ctrl + B: Search for barcode.
Ctrl + G: Search for gift card. 
Ctrl + Shift + G: Sell gift card.
Ctrl + Shift + P: Sell products.
Ctrl + H: Show user activity.


There are shortcuts to reserve and sell tickets which can be used on both numbered and unnumbered event dates and also in product sales. 


Ctrl+Shift+⇨/⇦: Previous/Next date within event group.
Ctrl + I: Event information (internal notice etc.)
⇧⇩: Select ticket type or product.
⇦⇨: Select price zone or product category.
1-9: Select number of tickets or products. 
Esc: Clear basket.
Enter: Open reserve window. 
Shift + Enter: Quick sell (if available).

Unnumbered hall


Numbered hall


Reservation window 

Inside the reservation window you can also use the keyboard:


Ctrl + 1-4: Jump to tab.
Enter: Reserve.
Shift + Enter: Quick sell (if available)
⇧⇩: Next/previous payment type (quick sell).
Esc: Exit window. 



By holding Ctrl and at the same time click Edit in the hall view you are redirected to the administration of the event date. 

In the same view you can hover the row for Sold or Reserved and are the given the possibility to generate a customer report for the event date. 

Choose seats in a numbered hall 

To select all available seats on a row, double-click one seat on the row and all will be selected. You can de-select all seats in the same way. 


By holding down + dragging the cursor over seats, all will be selected by the lasso function. By holding down shift at the same time, all seats except the allocated ones are selected. In the same way, ctrl can be held and the result is that only allocated seats are selected.

By clicking the basket in Dashboard - Sales on an event date the product sales will open up for that specific event. 

By ctrl + click the basket the customer report of the product sales will open up for that specific event date.