Automatic SMS / E-mails.

It is possible to communicate with ticket buyers to a specific events via SMS and e-mail. The message can be setup at any point triggered to be sent at a specific time relative to the event start or sent out immediately to quickly get out important information.

The message can be sent to all customers or customers that have consent to a certain permission.

Create message

Navigate to Administration - Events - Dates and open the desired event and the tab SMS / Email.

Who should receive the message?

  • Type: There are three different types
    • All customers
    • Product customers (Customers that have bought tickets to the event and connected products)
    • Non-product customers. (Customers that have bought tickets to the event but NOT connected products)


  • Permission: Define if permissions should be taken into account.
    • All customers regardless of permission
    • All permissions
    • Select permissions
      • Permission to include
      • Permission to exclude


To the right there are three boxes showing the numbers of customers that will receive the message and not receive the message.

  • Green: Number of valid email addresses.
  • Yellow: Number of invalid emails addresses.
  • Red: Number of blocked emails addresses.



  • Type: SMS or E-mail.
  • E-mail / SMS template: Choose layout.
  • Type: Define if the message should be sent X hours prior or after the event or if the message should be sent right away (within 15 minutes.
  • When: Define the amount of hours before event start or after event end when the message should be sent. If the message should be sent before the show, the input number shall be set normally. If the message should be sent after event end the number shall be a minus number.
    24 = 24 h before event start.
    -24 = 24 h after event end.
  • Message: In here it is possible to add a custom message that is included in the message as long as #CUSTOMTEXT# have been added to the layout.
  • Preview and edit: Press the pen to open a layout editor (only for e-mails). This option is only visible if the layout includes a data-editable variable. When changes have been made, these can be reset by pressing the back arrow.

Preview and edit e-mail


To edit the layout, press the blue pen in the upper left corner.


Press the field that you would like to edit and input a new text or other element. When all changes have been made press the Green button in the upper left corner. To cancel press the Red cross.

To send a preview mail, input a recipient in the bottom box and press Send mail


  • It is possible to create unlimited amount of send-outs for each events.