Sell products

Products can either be connected to an event date or be sold as a stand alone product. Products can be sold as stand alone orders or be added to existing orders containing tickets.

Add products to an existing reserved order

Open a reserved order, navigate to the tab Tickets (the first tab) and click Add to order - Products


Create a new order containing products

Selling products in a stand alone order is done by either pressing ctrl+shift+P or by navigating to Sales Dashboard and clicking the button Products in the upper right corner.


In the next step, the module for product sales will open. In here you have two choices. Either connect the product to a date or sell it stand alone.

Product without a date

If there is not a need to connect the product to a certain date (e.g. if you sell merchandise and other non date related products), you can close the search bar by pressing outside in the dark field. All products that are possible to sell as stand alone will then be shown.


Choose product and quantity, then click Sell/Reserve and sell the products the same way as tickets are sold.

Tip: If you have many products and find it hard to find the on you are looking for it is possible to search for products by pressing in the Product Sales view. This will activate the search function and you can then search for the wanted product.

Date connected product

In the search bar that opens when you go into Product Sales it is possible to search for an event date. When selecting that date, only products that are connected to that date will be shown. 

If a product is added to an existing order of tickets the system will automatically suggest the event date that the order contains.


The products are then sold as described above.


A product voucher can be printed on a thermal ticket printer or generated as a PDF. It is also possible to disable product voucher for a specific product. These vouchers are printed the same way as you print tickets, via the printer icon or via the button Print - PDF product.