Customer Tags

Create tag

In the customer tags module one can create tags that can be manually or automatically connected to a customer card. Use cases for this can be to give a group of customers a discount or to give the box office personnel an indication that certain customers are special. It is also possible to connect a special offer to a customer tag. A tag is only visible internally.

Navigate to Administration - Customers - Tags


To create a new tag, click Add tag in the upper right corner.


  • Name: Visible in customer card.
  • Abbreviation: Visible in customer card.
  • Icon: Visible in customer card.
  • Color: Visible in customer card.
  • Display setting: How and where the customer tag is displayed in BoxOffice. 
    • Display on customer screen: Customer tag visible in customer card.
    • Only visible in customer details: Customer tag only visible in the 360 customer overview.
    • Display notification on customer screen: Pop-up notification when opening a customer card.mceclip4.png
  • Expires: If set to Yes, it is possible to define a rule for when the tag should automatically be removed from the customer. Either on a fixed date or number of days after creation.


Under the tab benefits you can set which ticket type(s) the label has access to. It can also define for how many events/subscriptions customers are allowed to buy tickets from the set ticket type(s) and to how many tickets of a certain ticket type the customer is entitled in total or per event/subscription.


Connect a tag to a customer

Automatic connection

In the tab Connections, it is possible to set that customers automatically get the tag if they purchase a membership or tickets to a certain event or subscription


It is also possible to tag customers based on their buying behaviour. For example, if they bought x number of tickets / events or for a certain amount within x number of days.


In customer card

In the customer card one can manually add a tag to the customer. In the customer overview any already added tag is shown. Click the tag icon to review or remove a tag. Click the + to add a new tag to the customer.


Tag segment

By creating a segment in the segmentation module, it is possible to bulk add a tag to a batch of customers. E.g. Add the VIP tag to all customers that have spent more than €500 within the last year. 

Read more about segmentation here.


Connect tag to special offer

It is possible to connect a specific tag to a special offer making it possible for all customers with a certain tag to access special offers from My pages. Read more about this in the special offer article.