Venues & Halls

Venue and hall is where the event is hosted. Normally the Venue is the building. E.g. The opera house, inside the house there are multiple halls e.g. The great stage, the small stage, the back stage etc. In a venue, address information and geographical location are defined. In a hall, number of seats are defined.

Create a venue

Navigate to Administration - Venues - Venues and click Add venue in the upper right corner. 


Name the venue, give it an abbreviation and enter its address. Click Save or Save & create hall.


  • It is possible to use Find location to find the coordinates based on the venue address.
  • The name and address can be edited afterwards. 

There is a dedicated tab for Translation of the Venue name.

Create a hall

Create numbered hall

Numbered halls are created by Tixly Support. 

Create unnumbered hall


To create a hall, navigate to Administration - Venues - Hall and click Add Hall.

The hall needs a Name, an Abbreviation, to be connected to the correct Venue, set Number of tickets (hall capacity) and Configuration name. It is also possible to set an admin name, only visible in Box Office for administrators. 

In the tab Configurations, you can edit the name of created configurations and delete them. A configuration will be deleted when the switch is set to Yes and the user clicks Save.

In the Entrance tabs, entrances can be created and that can be connected to seats in the hall view. It is also possible to change names of already created entrances.

There is a dedicated tab for Translation of the Venue name.


  • Backdrop image is only used for numbered halls.
  • If Is numbered is set to Yes (only for numbered halls), it is possible to set if seat numbers should be shown on the seat in BoxOffice sales view or not.

Edit a hall

In Administration - Venues - Venuesit is possible to change name and address.

In Administration - Venues - Halls, it is possible to change name, change configuration name, delete configuration, add, edit and delete entrances and change capacity in unnumbered venues.

In event it is possible to make changes on the hall that only apply to that specific event.

Unnumbered hall

Change capacity


To change capacity in an unnumbered event navigate to sales view and click Edit in the lower right corner. Set a new capacity and click Save.


Numbered hall

To make changes in a event navigate to sales view, mark some seats and click Edit in the lower right corner.


Add seat notice

A seat notice is visible in box office sales view, in the buying process online and on the ticket. Add it by clicking Edit, inputting a notice (e.g. "restricted view") and clicking Save.




A seat with a notice shows in box office with an "i".


Screenshot 2024-03-18 092027.png


Screenshot 2024-03-18 092039.png


In the online buyingflow the notification is also shown clearly.


Screenshot 2024-03-18 091911.png


Screenshot 2024-03-18 091942.png



Change price zone and entrance

In the same view it is possible to change Price zone and Entrance on selected seats. This is done in the same way as you add a seat notice. 

If you want to add a price zone in an already created event, you would first change it in the sales view, then navigate to edit event (Administration - Events - Dates or by holding the ctrl key and clicking the Edit button), go to Hall & prices and add a new price to the newly created price zones. 

NOTE! It is not possible to select seats in a price zone that don't have a price connected to it.

Remove seats

The last thing you can do in the hall view is to permanently remove seats from the event. These seats cannot be created again when removed so in most cases it makes more sense to block them instead of deleting them.

Copy or create new configuration

It is possible to create a new configuration from the changes made above or copy them to other configurations or events.

Copy configuration

Navigate to sales view and make the desired changes. Choose if all seats should be copied (other event specific changes will be override) or if you only want the copy to apply for specific seats, mark those seats.


Click the cogwheel to the left of the number that indicates number of selected seats and in the dropdown menu choose Copy configuration.


  • All seats or selection: Choose if the copy should apply to all seats or only selected.
  • Choose what to copy: Choose what settings that should be copied.
  • Choose where to copy: Choose which events that the settings should be copied to.

Create new configuration


Make the desired changes and choose New configuration in the cogwheel. Set a name for the configuration and click Save. The new configuration is now created and can be used next time a event is created.


Private property seats

Seats can be set as private property (of the venue) and the revenue of those seats are trades as such in several reports. Private property seat is a seat tag which can be addes the same way a seat notice or pricezone is added. It can be added to sold and unsold seats.In the salesflow, online and in Box Office, this property does not apply. It only serves as a tool to report to promotors, which leaves out PP-seats.


This function comes with a permission for users (tab permissions): ‘Can see private property”.


To set unsold seats to private property, the seat(s) can be selected and in ‘Edit’ set to PP.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 102057.png


To set sold seats, it can be edited in the notice that pops up when selecting the sold seat.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 102402.png


Private property seats will show up in reports where allocations can be selected.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 102829.png