Tixly are integrated towards Godex DT4x.

Read more about them here:



Driver and software

Download and install drivers for Godex, GoLabel and Tixly Device Manager in Downloads

GoLabel - Settings

Page Setup

Open GoLabel and navigate to Page Setup, do the following adjustments:

  • Media Size: Width and Height of the ticket paper. 
  • Layout: Select Multi Sub-Label Mode.
  • Media Type - Select type of ticket paper.
    • Label with gaps: Ticket paper with a gap, set the gap size in millimeters. The printer has an sensor marked with a arrow. This arrow should be set to be positioned in the middle of the gap.
    • Label with marks: Ticket paper with black mark on the backside of the ticket. The sensor int he printer should be positioned so it only hits the black mark and not any other black text or fields on the backside.

Printer Setup

Change the following settings

  • Printer Model: DT4x
  • Darkness: 15
  • Speed: 6
  • Tear-off Posistion (mm): 18
  • Rotate 180: shall be checked

Printer Interface

Choose printer in the Printer Interface, either by USB port or LAN port. If the printer is connected via IP, input the IP address.


Go to Miscellaneous and wait for the settings to be updated. After that, press Save.

Device Manager 


Open Device Manager. There should be a shortcut to the application on your desktop after installation. If you need to install Device Manager, go here. 

New device: Select Godex 

  • If printer is IP connected, input the IP address. The box will turn green if it finds a working connection.
  • If the printer is USB connected, select it in the dropdown by USB Select.


Calibrate printer

  1. Turn of the printer
  2. Hold den yellow button on the side at the same time as you turn the printer on. Keep holding the yellow button until the printer beeps three times.
  3. The printer should feed tickets and make self tests.
  4. When the printer is not feeding anymore, press the yellow button one time and the printer should feed to the end of a ticket.

The printer feeds to much or to little of each ticket

Below are some tips and trix for this issue.

  1. Calibrate the printer as described above.
  2. Open GoLabel and make sure all settings are correct according to the description above.

Tickets are printed but some text are missing

  1. Calibrate printer..
  2. Open GoLabel, Press Print in the menu. Test and print a ticket from the system again.

No tickets are printed

Try and print a ticket form the system after each point.

  1. Open Device Manager, must be running in the background to be able to print tickets.
  2. Check if the printer has the correct settings
  3. IP Printer: Check if the box around the IP address is green. If not, calibrate the printer and see what IP that is printed on the ticket. Use this IP address in Device Manager.
  4. USB Printer: If the printer is connected there should be a green cross next to the printer in the drop down. Check so that all cables are connected properly. 
  5. In box office upper right corner, there is a printer icon. Click this att make sure that Godex Printer is selected.
  6. Under the same icon, press More settings..., make sure that Enable new Device Manager is set to Ja.