Sell gift card

A gift card is created quickly and sold in the system and is valid as payment for events, subscriptions and products, or simply everything that is for sale.

Sell gift card 

To sell a gift card, navigate to Sales Dashboard and click the button Gift card or use the shortcut ctrl + shift + G


In the sales mode, first enter the amount for the gift card and then how many you wish to sell or reserve. 



The gift card is then sold in the same way a ticket or product is sold and can be printed directly or emailed as a PDF. It's also possible to send a payment link via email so the customer can pay for the order online. 


Change expiration date

It's possible to change the expiration date on a reserved gift card connected to a customer card. To do so mark the gift card within the order, a box is then generated with a date. Enter the new date for expiration and click GO to save. 



It's also possible to extend the expiration date on a sold gift card, mark the gift card and click Actions - Extend Gift Card, set the new desired expiration date and click Save. 




Redeem gift card

A sold gift card can be used as a full or partial payment of an order and multiple gift cards can be used on a single order. Go to the payment tab and fill in the gift card number, then click Get. The value of the gift card is then deducted from the order. If there is a remaining balance it can be paid with any payment method. If there is a remainder on the gift card, it can be used again for the next purchase.



Find gift card

To find a gift card to see detailed information such as remaining balance, expiration date, etc., use the shortcut ctrl + G or navigate to the Sales Dashboard and use the Gift card button and then click Search for gift card in the upper right corner. Enter the gift card number and press enter. 


Inside the order you can find the gift card number, PIN, remainder, expiration date, which orders the gift card has been used for as payment (if any) and the original amount.

It's also possible to delete, print and email the gift card just like on an order with tickets.