Sell subscriptions

There are two different subscription types in Tixly. Fixed seat subscription where the customer buys tickets to a pre-defined set of events that are being held in the same hall with the same seat. Pick and choose subscription where the customer decides how many event he/she wants to buy tickets to.

Available subscriptions are shown at the top in Sales Dashboard. Each subscription is shown with a colored icon, name and event specification.


Fixed seat subscription

To sell a subscription, click it in Sales Dashboard and choose seats in the hall view. The customer will get the same seat for all events in the subscription. Ticket type selection and other choices follow the same procedure as in ticket sales.

If the subscription includes 3 events and you choose 3 seats, the seat amount indicator in the top right corner will show 9 chosen tickets.


Choose seats one event at a time

If you press the yellow symbol at the bottom of the hall view, the events will be split and you will have to select seats for each event individually.



  • It is not possible to merge the events again when they have been split.

Pick and choose subscription

Click the subscription in Sales Dashboard. All available events will be shown in a pop-up list. Pick the desired events by ticking the box to the left. When the subscription rules are met (e.g. must choose more than x amount of events) a blue Submit button will be visible at the bottom. Click that to continue into seat selection.


The hall view will be shown for the first event in the subscription and you must select seats for each of the events, one at a time. At the bottom, the included events will be shown and marked with a color, indicating if seats have been selected or not. Green: Seats have been selected, Yellow: Current event, Red: Seats have NOT been selected. Click the to remove the event.


When all seats have been selected, continue as in ticket sales.