Sell tickets.


After seat have been selected, press Sell/Reserve to continue.(For more information about seat selection, see Reserve tickets).

Direct sales

Anonymous sale (Quick sales)

If Quick Sales is active, it is possible to press Quick sell and the order will be sold on the Anonymous customer card with the default payment type. Tickets will be automatically printed and you will be redirected to the hall view.

1. Tickets


Ticket type

  • Change ticket type in the drop down list, either one by one or mark multiple and changes will apply to selected. 

Remove tickets

  • Press the X in the right column

2. Description


Add a description shown in the customer report.

3. Payments


Only visible if Quick sales are active. Choose desired payment type. It is possible to divide the amount into multiple payment types.

Sales WITH name (Quick sales)

4. Customer


Search customer

  • Search existing customer in the first field (First name) by First name, Last name, e-mail or phone. 
  • When a existing customer have been selected, its name will be shown at the top. To deselect a customer, press the Red X at the top.
  • If changes are made to the customer information, it will be saved tot he customer card when pressing Reserve.

New client

  • Add a new client by simply inputing its customer information and press Reserve.

To finalize the order, press Sell.


  • If you choose customer in step 3, move back to step one and press Quick sell, the order will still be sold on Anonymous customer.
  • Changing the expiry date in Description tab will not have any effect on the order.

Regular sales

If Quick sale is inactive, you would press Reserve to continue to the order card and the payment window.


Go to the Payment tab, choose payment method and press Sell. It is possible to divide the payment into multiple payment methods.

POS payments


If there is an active POS integration, choose the POS tab and press Send to POS. The amount will then be sent to the POS terminal where the purchase will be finalized. When the payment have been approved in the POS, the POS will return the approval to the system and the order till be marked as sold.


  • It is currently not possible to use POS in quick sales.

Invoice sales


Make a reservation according to previous description and choose the payment method Invoice in the Payment tab. The order will then be specified in the cashier report as invoice sale.


Partial payment


Make a reservation according to previous description and choose a desired payment method for the installment. Press Add payment att the bottom and the installment will be shown at the bottom under Partial payments. The amount will be redacted from the total amount on the order. To remove the installment press the X to the right.

Redeem gift card


Make a reservation according to previous description. Navigate to the Payment tab, input the gift card number in the Gift card number field and press Get. The amount of the gift card will then be redacted from the order. If there is a rest amount left, any other payment method can be used for that.


  • PIN is not used in box office.
  • If an gift card has expired, it can still be redeemed in box office but NOT online.

Send tickets to customer

To end tickets to a customer via e-mail, navigate to the order. At the bottom, a receipt copy can be sent to the customer e-mail address (the receiver can be changed here). The e-mail will contain a link to the order page where the customer can download his/her tickets. 

It is furthermore possible to choose a dedicated e-mail layout and or add a custom text to it. Above this field a date stamp shows when the last e-mail was sent and to which address.

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