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Sales Dashboard will list 50 events that is closest in time. To reserve tickets to one of them, press the event row and you will be directed to the hall view. It is furthermore possible to filter events by Season in the upper right corner.

Event search

To search for events, press Find events in sales dashboard or  keyboard shortcut Ctrl + E.


Valid search terms are: 

  1. Event name
  2. Weekday monday or mon, tuesday or tue etc.)
  3. Month (january or jan, february or feb etc.)
  4. Exact date (2020.12.09)
  5. Hall or venue

You can combine terms and search after e.g. ABBA fri may to gett all events with ABBA that takes place on a Friday in March.

The percentage indicator indicates how many available tickets that is left and next to it, the exact amount. E.g. 88% sold, 99 seats left.

The green circles indicates if there are good adjacent seats (low rank) available from 2-6 seats. More info below.

Find new event in hall view

In hall view one can press the arrows in the upper right corner to jump to next och previous date within the same event group.


Press the hamburger (three lines) will open up a search module. It shows availability on x seats for all events in the event group.


It gives a overview of all available dates in the vent group. The columns shows adjacent seats and how many variations of each combination thats available. Hovering a number will show best seat available.

E.g. Tuesday 6th of February has 39 variations in the hall where 2 people can sitt next to each other, 24 variations with 3 seats, 19 with 4 seats etc.

The color scheme spans from red to green and indicates seat ranking. Green being good seats and Red being bad seats.

It is possible to filter the list in the search field with he same terms that applies to the regular search engine (e.g. "february friday" will show all events that are held on a Friday in February). To move to a date, press its row.

Select seats

Numbered hall

In a numbered hall, all seats are shown as circles. See explanation below.



Seats are Sold. Press to see order information, press Actions to show the order or delete the ticket. It is then the individual ticket that is deleted and not the whole order. Color can be changed upon request.


Seat is Available. Hover the seat to see row, seat number and standard price.


Seat is Reserved. Press to see order information, press Actions to show the order or delete the ticket. It is then the individual ticket that is deleted and not the whole order. Color can be changed upon request.


Seat is Allocated. Hover the seat to see information


Different colors corresponds to different Price Zones. Color can be changed upon request.


Seat has Seat Notice. Hover the seat to see information

To select seats, a lasso function is used. Hold the left mouse key and drag it over the seat that should be selected. Number of selected seats are shown in the upper right corner together with price for standard ticket type. To change number of selected seats, either remove them one at a time by pressing them or press Clear in the upper right corner and make a new selection.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Press and hold Ctrl + Lasso: Choose only allocated seats.
  • Press and hold Shift + Lasso: Choose only NON allocated seats
  • Double click a seat: Choose all seats in one row. Remove selection by double clicking again.
  • Up and Down keys: jump between available ticket types. Enter to choose best available seats.

Unnumbered hall

Select number of tickets either by pressing the number or +/-. The selected number will add upon already selected number. E.g. press 10 five times will choose 50 tickets etc. To remove tickets, press Clear and select new tickets or use the minus symbol.


Sell / Reserve tickets

After seat selection, continue in the process by pressing Sell/Reserve or Enter.

1. Tickets


Ticket type

  • Change ticket type in the drop down list, either one by one or mark multiple and changes will apply to selected. 

Remove tickets

  • Press the X in the right column

2. Description


Add a description and/or change the default expiry date and time

3. Customer


Search customer

  • Search existing customer in the first field (First name) by First name, Last name, e-mail or phone. 
  • When an existing customer have been selected, its name will be shown at the top. To deselect a customer, press the Red X at the top.
  • If changes are made to the customer information, it will be saved to the customer card when pressing Reserve.

New client

  • Add a new client by simply inputing its customer information and press Reserve.

Web reservation

A web reservation is a reserved order that can be sent to the customer for him/her to pay online. The customer will get a e-mail with a payment link. When pressing the link, the customer will be directed to the last step in the buying process where he/she only need to finalize the purchase.

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