Ticket types & price templates

A ticket type in Tixly is the name for a price category. It is created once and can then be used in an unlimited number of events and be priced individually per event. It is also possible to create price templates if you have many events with fixed price structures. 


A ticket layout defines the design of the ticket. A specific layout can be added to several events, but also to individual ticket types within an event. So different types of of ticket types can have different layouts.

Create ticket types

To create a new ticket type, navigate to Administration - Tickets - Ticket types and click Add ticket type in the upper right corner.



  • Name: Ticket type name is visible in sales view (online and box office), administration, reports and on the printed ticket*.
  • Group: A group is used for filtering options in reports. We recommend that you at least use the groups: Standard, Subscription, Free tickets and Campaigns. Groups are created under Administration - Tickets - Groups
  • Type: Defines if the ticket type should be used for normal events or in subscriptions. A ticket type of the type Subscription is not shown in regular sales and vice versa. It is however also possible to set the ticket type as Both making it visible in both sales.
  • Default: If set to Yes, the ticket type is shown as the first ticket type in sales (online and Box Office).
  • Online quantity rule: If a certain ticket type is always used with the same online quantity rule (e.g. group tickets always have the rule 10-99), it can be defined here and always applied to the ticket type when it is added to an event. Note that the rule can still be be changed in edit event.
  • Position: A position can be set to position the ticket type relative to one another.
  • Offset Every Seat: Used together with social distancing. If set to Yes, every seat that is sold will have a distance from each other, not just distance between orders.

*it is possible to have a deviating name on the printed ticket, read more in the next section: Layout.


  • Print name: If nothing is input here, the name of the ticket type will be used when printed.
  • Additional info: Any text written in this field is printed on the ticket. In the example below, the text is: Don't forget to get there early.


Access Rights

It is possible to activate access rights on ticket types to define which specific users should have access to the ticket type. If no users are selected, all users with sales access will have access to the ticket type provided that the user has access to an event that uses the type.

Price templates

To create a new price template, navigate to Administration - Tickets - Price templates and click Add price template in the upper right corner.


  • Name: Internal name for the price template, will be visible when creating a new event. 
  • Fee settings: If fees are used, choose either Custom fees (fees set by ticket type and price zone) or Automatic fees (pre defined fee values by Tixly Support).
  • Prices / Fees: Used by the venues that are using ticket fees, levies or inside commissions. It is possible to set a individual fee per ticket type and price zone by changing the Prices / Fees drop down to one of the other options.
  • Ticket Types: Choose which ticket types should be available. It is possible to search for available ticket types in the box. The ticket types are then priced for each price zone individually.


The templates include all price zones but will only use the price zones that are active in the chosen hall and configuration. 


Choose whether the ticket type should be available for Local sales + Internet or only for Local sales only.