Tixly Device Manager

Tixly Device Manager is used to print tickets and receipts.

Most recent versions:

Windows 1.2.9
MacOS 1.2.8

Older versions: 

Windows 0.6.0 
Windows 1.2.8
MacOS 0.6.0 


Install and configure Device Manager

The device manager must be installed on each computer so that Tixly can use the printer in the browser.

Install and open the device manager.
Select the correct printer under Select a device to set-up.

Then choose the correct printer from the list under USB select or enter the IP address of the printer if it is a network printer.

This is an immediate action after entering the data. No save action is necessary, but a green boarder around the IP address field indicates the IP is recognised. 


To be able to print, the device manager must be active and running in the background. It is therefore best to minimize this application and pin it to the taskbar, so that the cashier can quickly find it.


Configure BoxOffice 

Log in to Tixly and go to the printer settings (Printer icon - More settings):

Only the Enable new device manager setting is important for configuring the printer. This setting must be set to Yes. If necessary, set it to Yes and click save.

Go back to the dashboard and click on the printer icon in the top right corner again, check whether there is a check mark behind the printer. If not, click on the printer to select it.

Printing should now be possible.