The ticket does not print correctly?

If the ticket does not come out, or is too long or too short - this is how to fix it:


Open GoDoctor and press Printer Configuration.
Information on how to download the program here.

You will then get information on the configurations for the connected Godex printer:

Grieghallen printer This will show you a lot of information - and we will concentrate on the parameters that adjusts the ticket print.

To send a configuration to the printer, press Command Mode. You will then see a white field to write your commands to the printer in.


^W73 shows a width of 73 mm. This is how long the ticket is from one side of the printer to the other.

^Q152,10,0+ tells us that the ticket printer is relying on "Reflective sensing". The ticket is 152mm long, have a 10 mm black mark, and will push the ticket 0mm out after it has found the black mark.

if it only says ^Q152,0 - it will indicate that it is not reflective sensing, but continous print, as it lacks a parameter.

^E18 tells the printer to have a 18 mm gap before it prints the ticket. 


To change these parameters, you can send them as commands. If you will print a ticket with a 70mm width, a 130mm length with a 10mm black mark, please send the following command in the white field:


We choose not to send a new ^E-command, as with 18mm standard, it will fit most of the ticket layouts from Box Office.


You can also change speed and darkness on the print:
^S5 means a speed of 5.
^H8 means a darkness of 8.

If you want to change these, please send the ^S or ^H with a number to edit.

To check if your settings are saved in the printer, press Printer Configuration again.

If you experience problems, and cannot solve them, please contact Tixly Support.