Membership / donations.

A membership gives you the possibility to add several benefits for the customer, depending on the membership they have.

The membership can be sold online and in the BoxOffice. 

Add membership / donation

To create a new membership or donation, navigate to Administration - Membership - Memberships and press Add membership in the upper right corner.



  • Name: The name of the membership/donation. Shown both in Box Office and online.
  • Organization: The membership/donation can be linked to an organization or the main organization.
  • Abbreviation: Short abbreviation for the membership.
  • Price: The sale price.
  • Vat: Adding VAT to the membership.
  • Color: Defining which color the membership will have.
  • Type: Choose if it is a membership or a donation (if it is a donation, the customer can get the possibility to donate their refund money if an event is cancelled. More information in Events).
  • Tagline: The membership sales pitch. This will be shown in the online buying process.
  • Short description: A short description to describe the membership.
  • Long description: A longer description of the membership.
  • Benefits: Choose the amount of benefits added with the membership. After you choose the amount, you can write which benefits to add as free text.



  • Use sequence: If yes, consecutive numbers are used. If no, the numbers will be issued in random order.
  • Number start: Define at which number the sequence of numbers should start. 
  • Number end (only visible when 'use sequence' is set to no): What is the highest possible number in the sequence.
  • Number length: Specify how many digits the number should consist of.
  • Prefix: Specify whether the number should contain a prefix.
  • Postfix: Specify whether the number should contain a postfix.
  • Example: An example of a number from the sequence.

Valid / Renewal


  • Renewal: Does the membership have an annual, monthly or no renewal.
    • Renew time: Choice of fixed date or from date of purchase.
      • Day of the month: On which fixed day of the month the membership will be renewed.
      • Month of the year: In which month the membership is renewed annually.
    • Valid time: If the membership does not have an renewal, you can indicate how long the membership should be valid for.
      • From purchase date: Indicate how many months after purchase the membership will expire.
      • Fixed date: Indicate the fixed date on which the membership will expire.
  • Description: Displayed in the last step of the buyingflow .

Automatic renewal is only available when using Direct Debits (currently only supported by Mollie), for more information about direct debit and how to use the new email templates, please contact Tix Support.



  • Available online: Choose if the membership can be sold online. If you choose No, it will only be available in Box Office.
  • Online sale start: When the sales online will become available.
  • Online sale end: When the sales online will end.
  • Visible online: When the membership can be shown online.
  • E-mail template for online sales: The email sent when you've purchased a membership.
  • Email template for gifts: The email sent when a customer wants to gift the membership.


You can add an external reference number, department and account, which will be added to your finance export.

It is also possible to create translations of the membership, by choosing Translations.


Membership Group

When you have created a membership, you create a Membership group, to sell your memberships online.

This is done by adding a membership group at Administration - Membership - Groups.




  • Name: The name of the membership group.
  • URL: Define the name of the membership group in the URL.
  • Available online: Must be chosen to sell memberships online.
  • Skin: Choose which skin you will use when selling memberships online. The standard skin is chosen.
  • Weblink: Link to memberships sale online.
  • Title: Page title, shown online.
  • Description: Overall description of the memberships you have enabled through this group.
  • Selected memberships: Choose which memberships you will sell through the link. This is done by clicking the membership at the left, and move it to the right column.
  • Position: Define which position you will show the memberships. To change positioning, press the membership you want to move, and drag and drop it to your desired position.

The membership we have edited, will look like this when having the parameters as shown before.


If you press "Click here to view all benefits", you will reveal the long description you've set on the memberships.


To get more into memberships, please contact Tix Support.