Organisations make it possible to define several organisations underneath the main organisation.

Ex. if you are a cultural institution and need to have several groups that will have their own access to the system.


The main organisation (defined as standard) will have access to both their own organisation and the organisations beneath.

The other organisations will only have access to their own customers and customer flags.


Add organisation

To add a new organisation, go to Administration - Organisations, and click Add organisation in the upper right corner.




  • Name: The name of the organisation.
  • Abbreviation: A short abbreviation for the organisation
  • Theme: Define what color scheme to be used in BoxOffice.
  • Default: Define if this is the main organisation.

This will give you the possibility to add users with access only to the chosen organisation, define which organisation the event belongs to, define which organisation the customer flag belongs to, etc.


For more information on organisations, please contact Tixly Support.