Installing Tixly Scanner

This article is a guide on how to download and install the Tixly Scanner app from Google Play Store for handheld scanners. Some devices may have Google Play Store deactivated, the article also explains how to reactivate it on the device if necessary.

The Tixly Scanner app is now hosted in the Google Play store which allows for automatic updates as well as easier installation. This requires each device to have a Google Play Store account. We recommend to register a Google account to a generic email that is not connected or password protected by one single person. We recommend using a general one, f.ex. One Google account can be used on multiple devices.

Installing the Tixly Scanner app from Google Play Store

Enable Google Play Store

Device settings

Installing the Tixly Scanner app from Google Play Store

  1. If the device has been used to scan using our old app, that one needs to be deleted from the device before installing the new app.

    Note: Only one version of the app can be installed for each device.

  2. Open up the Google Play Store and tap on the search bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Type Tixly Scanner and press the search icon or enter key.

  4. The search results will display various apps. Look for Tixly Scanner app in the search results.


  5. Once the Tixly Scanner app has been located - tap on install.


  6. Review the permissions required by the app and tap on Accept or Allow to proceed with the installation.

  7. The app will begin downloading and installing on the device. The progress will be indicated by a download bar.

  8. Once the installation is complete, tap on Open to launch the Tixly Scanner app for the first time.


Enable Google Play Store

The scanner app for handheld scanners is now hosted in the Google Play Store and therefore we do not recommend deactivating it again after installing the app.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification panel.


  2. Swipe down again and look for a gear-shaped icon labeled Settings and tap on it. This will open the Settings menu.


  3. In the Settings menu, scroll down and locate Apps or Application Manager and tap to open.


  4. Depending on the device's manufacturer and software version, you may need to tap on All Apps or All Applications to view all installed apps.


  5. Scroll down the list of apps and locate Google Play Store. Tap on it to open its details.


  6. If the Google Play Store is disabled, the option to Enable it will be displayed. Tap on this option to reactivate Google Play Store.


  7. Follow any on-screen prompts or confirmations to enable the Google Play Store.

Device Settings

Zebra scanner

If Tixly Scanner app does not scan using barcode reader, check the following settings on the device

  1. Navigate to settings and tap on Data Wedge
  2. Scroll down to find Keytroke output
  3. Tap on Basic data formatting and make sure Send ENTER key is disabled.
  4. Under Key event options, enable Send characters as events and Send control characters as events.


To make use of the built in notification sounds on the app which differs for a successful and failed scan

  1. Navigate to the device Settings and tap on Sound.

  2. Use the sliders to set the volume and set Media volume to high and the others to low.

Wepoy scanner

  1. Navigate to the device Settings and tap on Scanner Settings
  2. Find and tap on Output mode
  3. Select Intent output


Datalogic scanner

  1. Go to Settings - System - Scanners settings
  2. Under Wedge check the following settings:
    - Enable keyboard wedge: OFF
    - Enable intent wedge: ON
    - Intent delivery mode: Broadcast intent
    - Intent action: com.datalogic.decodewedge.decode_action
    - Enable web wedge: OFF
  3. Under Good read:
    - Enable good read: OFF
  4. Go to Settings - Sound:
    - Media volume: HIGH