Tixly Scanner

The Tixly Scan App is available for iOS and Android devices. On Android a wide range of scanners are supported e.g. Datalogic, Wepoy and Zebra, but scanning with a mobile phone using the camera is also possible. More information on how to install the app can be found here.

Open the app, log in using an active Tixly login (see users) and select the correct country. It is advised to create a user per scanner for better tracking, but it is also possible to create one user for all devices.

The app directly logs in to the scan screen and is ready to scan. By default the app scans all events the user has access to and that fall within the scan time frame that is set in Box Office.


If multiple events are taking place at the same time, it it possible to select specific events for scanning. In the lower-left corner, tap the calendar icon to see which events are scannable now and/or later.

To select specific events, tap Edit in the top right corner and toggle the switch to active or not active behind an event date. Tap Save and return to the scan tab, found behind the barcode icon to start scanning.


If the event is not in the list, the scan times can be adjusted in Box Office. See the scanning header in the create events manual.


Tapping the cogwheel icon in the top right corner will open up the settings menu. Here several different settings can be configured.

Entrance Validation

Optionally it is possible to select Hall(s) and Entrances to configure the scanner to scan specific tickets.

If the venue has multiple halls one or multiple specific hall(s) can be selected.


If the hall has multiple entrances one or multiple entrance(s) can be selected.


The configuration will be saved on the device, not the user. 

Scan Settings


Tickets & Products

It is possible to configure the device to scan both tickets and product barcodes, or just either of those.

Camera position (Only on mobile phones)

There is the option to switch between the front and back camera of a device. 

Kiosk mode (Only on Android devices)

This feature makes it possible to set the scanner app in a special mode so that it can be use to scan tickets without someone operating the device. 

The functionality is slightly different from normal scanning operation. The display does not show details of the owner of the scanned tickets and after a short timeout the scanner returns to its scanning status.

A pin code must be set to enter the kiosk mode. To exit the kiosk mode, tap with two fingers on the screen, then a dialog comes up to enter the pin code.

Barcode types (Only on mobile phones)

It is possible to select barcode types that should be scannable. The barcodes that Tixly uses are Code128, which the app defaults to. However, mobile tickets can be shown as a QR code, depending on the app the customer uses to store the tickets.

If external barcodes have been imported for scanning, it is possible to enable the barcode type used. For increased app performance it is better to select as few barcodes as possible.

App Settings

IMG_0141 copy.PNG

These settings change the way the app looks, feels and sounds. It does not affect what can be scanned by the scanner.


Tap on Tap To Scan to scan a ticket using the camera, hold the camera over the barcode and wait for the app to read the barcode. When using a hardware scanner, point the laser on the barcode.

To enter barcodes manually, tap on the keyboard icon in the top left corner. 

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 16.31.57.jpeg

After scanning a ticket several messages may appear.

Ticket Scanned

This is a valid ticket and gives access to the event.


Ticket already scanned

This ticket has already been scanned before.
Swipe up to see when the tickets were scanned.


Invalid ticket

This barcode no longer appears in the system as a valid ticket, it is possible that the ticket has been cancelled.


Wrong Event

The visitor is at the wrong hall or entrance, or the scanner is configured incorrectly.


Scanning Not Started 

The ticket presented is for an event that is not yet scannable.


Scan Ended

The ticket presented is for an event that is no longer active for scanning. 


Quickly scan multiple tickets from an order

If the order contains multiple tickets for the same event the app will show x out of y scanned and the green box with ticket information will look like a stack of cards. By tapping the box, a list of all other tickets will open up. It is then possible to mark individual tickets as scanned by tapping on them scan all tickets in the order via the Scan All Tickets button at the bottom.

IMG_0145 2.jpg

Product scanning

In the scanner settings, product scanning can be activated for Tixly product vouchers. When a ticket is scanned that also has a product in the order it is displayed when swiped up. 


Event related products can only be scanned if the connected event is active for scanning. Non event related products can be scanned at any time. 

Membership scanning

When configured in Box Office, membership cards can be scanned to give access to unnumbered (unallocated) events. 


Scanning a membership card creates a free ticket in Box Office on the event the membership is connected to. Only one ticket per membership can be created, scanning a membership card multiple times does not create more tickets.



Membership scanning is only possible when only the event that the membership is connected to is active for scanning.

Scan notifications

On customer tags, allocations and ticket types scan notifications can be configured in Box Office. When a ticket with a scan notification is scanned, the configured message will show up at the top of the screen. 


Unscan tickets

It is possible to unscan tickets after they have been scanned in. This can, for instance, be used to allow visitors to to leave the theatre if they have to get something from the car. Activating the unscan functionality can be done on Work Group level to be active on all events, or can be controlled on event level under the scanning tab.

To unscan a ticket, scan the ticket again. Then tap the unscan button and a success message should appear at the top. 



When looking at the list of tickets in the same order, tickets can be unscanned by tapping on the individual tickets.

Unscanning is only available for event tickets, not for memberships or products.

Customer Lookup

The magnifying glass icon in the bottom right corner opens up the customer search page. This allows manually checking in visitors who have forgotten or damaged tickets, or to use the app for a guest list.


After tapping on the customer name a list of all the customer's orders will show. Simply tap on the order to open up the list of tickets and then tap the tickets to scan them in. 

At the top of the page the customer tag notification is shown. 

Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 17.30.20.jpeg

The list that shows when clicking on the magnifying glass is the last scans of the user, so if using the same user on multiple scanners the same list is visible on all scanners.