How to add an external user

In some cases organisations want to share sales and reporting access. This can be set in the event(s) it applies to. Go to the tab Access rights in Administration - Data - Events. For sales and reporting access select Local users + Specific users. Now this specific users can get access by adding their full e-mail address if they already exist in Tixly.


Screenshot 2024-03-15 140253.png

User already exists

Sometims a user (e.g. a promotor) has to be added and a message appears telling the user already exists, added by one of the theatres.


Screenshot 2024-03-15 140019.png


When a user already exists it is not possible to add a new user as usually is done. However, it is still possible to add the user as an external user to the events it applies to under the tab Access rights.



Add the complete e-mail address and click on Add external. The user can log in with the account created by the other theatre and will see all events the user has access to in all theaters.