Payment types

In Administration - Workgroup settings - Payment types you create payment methods. 


All payment types with a green check mark in de column web are payment types in your payment service provider that cannot be deleted. 


A payment type can be added by clicking the button Add Payment Type in the right corner.


  • Name: fill in the name of the new payment type
  • Position: this defines the order in Box Office.
  • Refund: only check this if a payment type is created on which can be refunded. This function can be applied to 1 payment type.
  • Giftcard: check this when the payment type will be connected with a giftcard.
  • Internal invoice: not yet in use
  • Invoice: not yet in use
  • User restricted: When YES: When on user-level a restriction on payment type is set, this payment type can only be used by specific users.
  • Icon: An icon can be added, which will show adding payment in Box Office.

Scherm_afbeelding 2024-03-18 om 13.16.54.png

  • Commission: Define the percentage of the revenue that will be deducted in the Promoter Settlement Report.
  • Ext. ref. Number, Department, Account: can be used for accounting purposes.


In the tab Organisations a payment type can be connected to an organisation. The payment type will only be available for the Box Office for that organisation.


Bank Transfer 


Note! This payment type is only available in Belgium and The Netherlands.


The payment type for bank transfers can be used in case customers don’t have or want the possibility to pay online. The bank transfer is currently only available in Box Office as a payment type.


With this type of payment, the customer gets an e-mail with instructions for payment, or Box Office employee can tell. The customer needs to transfer the money manually. The order will be set as a reservation that can’t be changed. When the payment is received by the payment service provider, it will send a notification to Tixly and the reservation will be confirmed. In addition an confirmation e-mail will be send to the customer.


If you want to use this type of payment, you can contact Tixly support.